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Dallas, Summer 2017

I attended the Rally Against White Supremacy in Dallas in August of 2017. Security was a top concern, given the events of Charlottesville, VA exactly one week prior, and the Dallas Police Shooting the previous summer.

I originally took my camera to document great protest signs but was struck by this scene of a black police officer standing guard at the rally’s perimeter.

Alley Cat

Wild Detectives, Oak Cliff, Dallas TX

Food Photography on Location

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some local restaurant fare here in the Dallas area. I’ve always loved shooting food (probably because I just love food) and it presents some really interesting challenges. Every dish offers something different, and often the most delicious dishes are challenging to photograph in an attractive and appetizing way.


It’s also more than just photography — being sent on assignment with food means you get to play art director and food stylist as well. I carry a pair of tweezers and a small knife to ensure nothing’s out of place, and use a napkin to take care of any stray sauces or smudges on the plate. A little spritz bottle of water can help liven up greens and sliced fruit to make them glisten.


With food you’re also presented with a lot of variables, like what kind of lighting to expect. I try to set up shop next to a window but that’s just not always possible. Utilizing the restaurant’s ambient lighting can help bring a bit of the atmosphere into the food in ways that using a flash just can’t capture.


Sometimes trying to get food to look perfect gets in the way of making it look good; comfort food, for example, sometimes just needs to look how it looks. It can be a little messy.


The preceding images were shot for Favor. You can see more of my editorial photography here.


Dallas Skyline

From an awesomely tiny road trip earlier this week.