Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope you get everything you asked for and eat so much pie you can’t see straight.


New Stuff All Around

I’ve moved the site onto a new WordPress installation so things might look a little odd while I iron out the details. I’m running WordPress 3.0, which means exciting new features and more stuff to learn. What you see here is my very first (and very much work-in-progress) theme for WP3. As it stands, it supports:

  • Custom header images
  • Custom background colors
  • Article Images
  • Custom Menus

with plans to add

  • Custom post types (in my case a custom portfolio display)
  • Custom post taxonomies (not so much because I need them as I want to learn how they work)

so yeah. That’s all good and quite geeky; just thought I’d get the technical stuff out of the way.