I’m a Designer who lives and works in Austin, Texas. I work on the web, in print, and behind a camera. Please, have a look at my portfolio.

Find me other places:

  • tumblr | where I post interesting things I find
  • twitter | where I post almost nothing at all
  • flickr | where I post photographs
  • linkedin | which is supposedly very useful
  • facebook | which isn’t good for very much at all

I also founded The Tulsa Project, an online magazine, in 2009.


Thoughts on Stuff runs on WordPress; @font-face support via Google Web Fonts, html5/css3 based on the html5 reset, Instagram footer image pulled from the Instagram API via jQuery, responsive layout based (loosely) on Frameless.

A Word on Typography:

Thoughts on Stuff utilizes comparatively large font sizes as a means of improved readability on modern high-resolution screens. Don’t be afraid to let your words breathe, people.