This Looks Vaguely Familiar


I’m not much of a blogger, though it’s not for lack of trying. First it was Xanga, then Livejournal, WordPress, and even my own personal site (which was really more of a design experiment, and which still exists here, for  purely aesthetic and nostalgic purposes). I always started so well, with so many thought-out posts and big dreams of readership and editorial quality, but always ended the same: a slow fade-out which ended with a “sorry I haven’t put anything up in a while” post…and then obscurity. They’re all still out there, as far as I know, but I don’t want to dig them up. They’re dead for a reason: They didn’t work. But it’s never too late to try again, right? So I’m going to. I have always felt as though I’m the kind of person who has quite a lot to say once I get a mind to, so let’s just hang on and see how that goes.

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