New Theme

A long time coming, but finally here: the ump-teenth redesign of this blog, featuring a few firsts for me. Notable points include:

  • html5 & css3
  • responsive, mobile first design
  • Elegant balance of typography with imagery
  • No images for the design (lightweight)
  • No small photos on the site (thumbnail-free)
  • Custom post types (standard, aside, image; video coming soon)
  • Bite-sized content on the home page (custom post excerpts and large images)

Essentially I designed this theme from the ground up with my own work in mind. I produce media in a variety of formats, and often the strict bloggy nature of my previous themes kept me from displaying my work in a way that did it justice. In short, I’m utilizing post types to achieve this: “aside” posts feature primarily text, rendered large and legible; “standard” posts balance text and images and are suited to longer format posts; “image” posts display my photographs and graphics the way I want them: large, “full-bleed”, and perhaps most importantly without thumbnails or lightboxes.

I’ve read a lot of angry / heated language about the use of larger fonts as body text on the web recently, but I don’t buy it. I’ve designed the text on this site to be both legible and elegant; I have balanced longer line widths with wider line spacing and used media queries to adjust text for various screen sizes. Modern displays provide an ever-decreasing pixel size and an ever-growing resolution, which results in more screen real estate; for Thoughts on Stuff  I’ve chosen to dedicate that real estate to big images and legible type that’s allowed to breathe.

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